2014 CO-OPS short course

CO-OPS Short Course: Obesity Prevention - health promotion practitioner's perceptions of effective engagement with vulnerable groups.

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If you are passionate about community-based obesity prevention, you are not alone. Join the CO-OPS network comprising health professionals, policy officers, researchers and clinicians. Registration is free and allows you to access CO-OPS resource library and forum.

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CO-OPS is an initiative funded by the Australian Government.

CO-OPS is the link between research, policy and practice to ensure best practice and ongoing cooperation in the promotion of healthy eating, regular physical activity and healthy weight as key factors to help prevent obesity and other chronic diseases.

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CO-OPS offers guidance and support and will be able to assist you with any queries relating to project planning, evaluation, data collection, resources and sustainability. We share information and evidence to ensure best practice in community-based obesity prevention initiatives.

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Whether you are looking for tools, frameworks, sample questionnaires, evidence reviews, information on remote communities or evaluation of community-based healthy lifestyles initiatives, you will find it in the CO-OPS library.                                                                                                                  

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Because partnerships play a significant role in the success of community-based obesity prevention initiatives, CO-OPS places a great focus on creating networking opportunities. Our network is vast and the opportunities to connect are endless. CO-OPS online forum is a great place to start!

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

‘Obesogenic’ environments

Obesogenic' environments were first introduced to us by Garry Egger and Boyd Swinburn in 1997. (paper). Today's food environments are often described as toxic, not because they instantly make you violently ill, but because they are not making it easy for us to be healthy.

Almost two-thirds of Australian grocery purchases are purchased from the duopoly of Coles and Woolworths. These businesses quite reasonably are driven by profit motive. But could these supermarkets become health promoters through appropriate product placement rather than their eye level, easy to reach placement of unhealthy food choices. Research conducted in Melbourne showed that major chains make exposure to snack foods ‘almost unavoidable' through such placement of unhealthy options at end of aisles and checkouts.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Walk21: XV International Conference on Walking and Liveable Communities

Walk21 presents a multi-disciplinary program across a broad reach of topics with great opportunities to learn and share experience with those working within your profession as well as those you work most closely with.  This unique conference, provides a professional and inspiring space to focus on walking and discover the richness it offers for the challenges we face.  There is something for everyone working within Universities, Health, Transport, Local Government, Engineering, Planning, Urban Design, Road Safety, Community Advocacy, City Management and Economics


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